Lancaster, PA Periodontal & Dental Implant Services

At Christman Periodontics, we treat all types of gum disease while providing dental implants and other services. Read below for an overview of the services we provide, and click on the links provided to learn more about each of our services.

Periodontal Treatments

At the root of a healthy smile are the gums and bones that support your teeth. That’s why we specialize in treating diseases of the soft tissue and bone so they can provide the strong foundation your teeth need.
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Dental Implants

When you need dental implants, we have the expertise and experience to perform that surgery and put you on the path to regaining a natural-looking and natural-feeling smile.
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Orthodontic Support

We can also provide the specialized support you need while undergoing orthodontic care. Oftentimes, specialized periodontal and oral surgery services can complement orthodontic treatments.
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Hard & Soft Tissue Grafting

When bone or gum tissue is destroyed because of periodontitis, we can take action to stop, and in some cases reverse, the problem by performing hard and soft tissue grafting.
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Sinus Lifts

Also known as “sinus augmentation,” this procedure makes more bone available to support dental implants. This surgery ensures implants have a secure foundation and that the sinus is protected.
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Crown Lengthening

Some patients have excess gum tissue which covers the teeth and makes them appear shorter. In some cases, this excess gum tissue interferes with other restorative procedures, and for others it is a cosmetic issue.
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Periodontal Pocket Reduction

In advanced periodontitis, destruction of the bone and tissue causes deep pockets to form in the space between the gum and teeth, providing a space for bacteria to live and inflict further damage.
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If you have questions about our services, or would like to request more information Please contact us today. We look forward to hearing from you!