Sinus Lifts

christman-sinusAlso known as “sinus augmentation,” this procedure makes more bone available to support dental implants. This surgery not only ensures implants have a secure foundation, but also that the sinus is protected. For an implant to be most successful, the underlying bone must be strong and large enough to hold the implant. Some patients have experienced bone loss due to periodontal disease, leaving the area insufficient to receive an implant. In sinus lift surgery, the sinus floor is raised and techniques that allow for new bone to form are applied.  Once the new bone is formed, the patient has a significantly greater chance of successful implant placement that will last for years

Contact us for an appointment to discuss how sinus lifts can help make sure your dental implants will last for the long term. We perform dental implant surgery too, so you can rest assured your procedures will be fully coordinated to provide you with optimal results.

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